Experience is Everything

Updated: Mar 3

My travel experiences are filled with unique, local and off the beaten path. Where you become one with the culture and beautiful people.

Some of my fondest things I bring back from my trips are not materialistic, they are memories, moments, and the addiction to go back.

My moments are very simple, like taking a walk by myself in the Tuscan countryside and helping a lady set up her ladder so she can prune her fruit trees. Having tea in Matera with a man from the Middle-East and hearing his life story.

Living in those moments for a few minutes. I’m not trying to take a selfie with them. I am making a connection, creating a moment that I will treasure. I am in awe of their smile, their realness, and the warmth of their appreciation.

You do not have to have a full on conversation without knowing a different language. You simply have to know a few single words where they understand what you are trying to say. It’s stepping outside of your element and having a more enriching experience. This to me, is what travel is all about!

Moments that last a lifetime.

Photo taken in Casali in Val di Chio


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