“The Big Three” - Rome, Florence & Venice️

“The Big Three” - Rome, Florence & Venice️

I get approached with this question a lot so I am going to try and express why I feel seeing “The Big Three” (Rome, Florence & Venice) can be very overloading on your first trip to Italy (just my opinion). 🤔The main problem for anyone planning a trip to Italy is that it’s impossible to see everything you want in one trip! Don’t get me wrong, it is possible if you have plenty of time (months!...LOL😉). But, here is the thing, you are missing everything in-between. You need to “feel Italy” and really appreciate everything it has to offer (and not just the tourist cities). 💁‍♀️Go off the beaten path and embrace the culture, food, wine, history, and most of all the people. 👣 Each region is very different and they are due the respect to be visited with appreciation.😘

If you want to slide through Italy and say you were there, than by all means go for it. It really boils down to your interests and personal travel style (or bragging rights). But rushing your Italian vacation is a surefire way to ruin it. 🏃‍♀️

🤗Italy isn’t going anywhere…Repeat...Italy isn’t going anywhere.

If you plan your Italian adventure in advance and go during off season you can find some pretty decent deals. ✈️ You just have to be flexible. Important word there…”flexible.” Another important word, “realistic.” If you are going to do the “Big Three,” think “Big City” prices, comparable to staying in San Francisco. 🌁 Stay outside of the cities and the prices drop (Hmmm…).

Most importantly, have a plan, do your research, know your geography and regions.🕵️‍♀️ My best advice of all, contact a Travel Consultant who specializes in Italy and is familiar with the regions.👩‍💻

I hope this helps when planning your next trip to Italy.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance on your next trip to Italy.

You can also join me on my next Ladies Adventure to Liguria October 2020.🍷



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